Hello and welcome to the Swisscanto Foundations.

Our group consists of three foundations. The Swisscanto Collective Foundation was founded in 1973. Subsequently the Supra Collective Foundation and the Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation were established. The Swisscanto Collective Foundation provides basic occupational benefit scheme coverage, the Swisscanto Supra Collective Foundation offers supplementary solutions for middle management employee benefit schemes. The Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation is designed for people who leave a pension fund without having a new job in order to maintain their old-age savings in a vested benefits account.



Since the establishment, the focus of our foundations has always been on the individuals. We offer our customers efficient services related to employee benefit schemes. The careful, responsible and sustainable handling of the pension assets entrusted to us is the foremost priority. Up until today around 6’000 companies from a wide variety of sectors, with approximately 50’000 insured persons, have trusted us. That makes us proud, and thanks to this trust, we have become one of the most important providers in the employee benefits segment in Switzerland. In addition, more than 50’000 people have already opened a vested benefits account with us. Every day our employees in all three foundations work with great care and a lot of passion to ensure that the needs of our customers can be met.

The pension specialists for small and large companies
The offers made by the Swisscanto Collective Foundations are geared towards companies which cannot or do not wish to set up and operate their own employee benefits foundation, due to their size, for administrative reasons or because of the high level of complexity of this topic,. We offer our customers high quality services with attractive conditions. Do not let the term “collective” foundation confuse you. Because even though we serve as a pension fund for many companies of all sizes, we still view each company individually. We offer our customers comprehensible and transparent benefit plans, so that you and your employees can always maintain an overview. After all, life is already complicated enough as it is. An understandable employee benefit scheme that is perfectly aligned to the needs of your company, is our goal.



Transparent and fair
The values of the Swisscanto foundations include transparency and fairness. And these words are not just catchwords for us. Transparent – this is how we have designed our investment area: We regularly publish the funding ratio of the collective foundations as well as the asset allocation and the performance for our customers. You can view the current status of the Swisscanto collective foundations at any time, so that you know what is happening with your pension assets.

For us “fairness” is not just a word, we live this reality: By conviction, our Board of foundation endeavours to achieve the same amount of interest for the old-age savings of all of our actively insured persons, as used mathematically for the interest on the assets from which pensions are already being drawn. And if the results allow us, we also adjust the contributions which our customers must pay for the occupational benefit scheme.

Where to find us

This section lists all areas of responsibilities for the Business Centre Basel and the customer service centers.





Business Centre Basel

St. Alban-Anlage 26
Postfach 3855
4002 Basel


Management collective Foundations

Pezzetta Davide
Managing Director Swisscanto Foundations
Phone +41 58 280 18 40



Bühler Ulrike
Head Underwriting
Phone +41 58 280 14 12

Konieczny Gregor
Head Sales & Consulting
Phone +41 58 280 16 58

Maxelon Michael
Head Customer Services 
Phone +41 58 280 10 97

Mung Eva
Phone +41 58 280 21 27

Schmidt Svenja
Managing Director Swisscanto Supra Collective Foundation
and Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation
Phone +41 58 280 13 94


Customer Service Center Northwest Switzerland

St. Alban-Anlage 26
PO Box 3855
4002 Basel


Phone +41 58 280 17 17
Fax +41 58 280 17 00

Customer Service Center Western
Switzerland/Romandie and Ticino

Rue du Concert 6
Case postale 3109
2001 Neuchâtel

Phone +41 58 280 75 33
Fax. +41 58 280 75 30


Customer Service Center Zurich,
Eastern & Central Switzerland

Hohlstrasse 560
Postfach 1600
8048 Zürich-Altstetten

Phone +41 58 280 88 78
Fax. +41 58 280 88 70


Vested Benefits Foundation

Fax. +41 58 280 29 38

Schmidt Svenja
Managing Director
Phone +41 58 280 19 94


Seminara Maria
Deputy head of customer service
Phone +41 58 280 23 80

De Russi Tiziana
Client advisor
Phone +41 58 280 17 70

Kuntzelmann Christelle
Client advisor
Phone +41 58 280 16 04

Mung Laura
Client advisor
Phone: +41 58 280 15 37

Reiser Svenja
Client advisor
Phone +41 58 280 22 79

Schneider Elena
Client advisor
Phone +41 58 280 20 04




Swisscanto Collective Foundations
St. Alban-Anlage 26
PO Box 3855
4002 Basel
Phone +41 58 280 26 66



IBAN Swisscanto Collective Foundation:
CH63 0070 0110 00011849 6

IBAN Supra Collective Foundation:
CH85 0070 0110 0002 8882 0


Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation
St. Alban-Anlage 26
PO Box 3855
4002 Basel
Phone +41 58 280 11 55