The Swisscanto Supra Collective Foundation offers solutions for individuals with higher pension needs, espescially for senior management employees. In a Supra contract, companies can customise the benefits for part of their employees, adjusted to their special entitlements.

Your advantages

Comprehensive protection for old age, death and earning disability

Improved and individually adjusted benefits for senior
management staff


Online system (BVGonline) for simple control and administration


Our services

Retirement pension or lump-sum withdrawal upon retirement

Disability pension starting from 40% earning disability

Survivors' benefits for spouses, life partners, registered partners and children

Consulting and support



Key Figures

Funding ratio

The previous month's funding ratio is published on day 20 of the following month at the latest.

Balance sheet total
Number of insured persons

Legal Documents

Annual Reports

Board of Foundation

Hanspeter Hess | President | Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks

Roland Sauter | Vice-President | Consultant

Remo Kuster | Member | Cantonal Bank St. Gall

Prof. Dr. iur. Marc Hürzeler | Member

Markus Rusch | Member | Appenzeller Druckerei AG

René Raths | Vice-President | Zurich Cantonalbank

Donald Desax | Assessor | Helvetia Insurances

Regine Zülch | Assessor| Helvetia Insurances

Benno Flury | Assessor | Helvetia Insurances