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In order to be able to use these pages fully and free of errors, please take note of our technical information which includes prerequisites and minimum requirements.



Full functionality is guaranteed from Internet Explorer 10.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and⁄or Safari 5.0. We recommend Safari or Mozilla Firefox for Mac users.


Screen size

Your resolution should not be less than 1024 x 768 pixels.


Colour depth

The colour depth should be at least 32,000 colours (15 bit). This is standard for most notebooks.



In some areas JavaScript and Java are used. In order to use all the functionalities please activate JavaScript and Java in your browser.



In order to watch Flash files (mainly video files), you will need to have Flash Player which can be linked as a browser plug–in. 98% of all desktops with internet access already have it.


PDF files

The PDFs are saved in Adobe / Acrobat Reader format (free download).



Pop–ups are used in some areas. Deactivate the pop–up blocker or accept pop–ups in order to view them.


Quality limitations

If the above mentioned requirements are not met by your system in one or more points, we are no longer able to guarantee the correct presentation of the page. If, despite meeting the minimum requirements, you nonetheless have problems with our pages, please do not hesitate to inform our webmaster.

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LOB Online

Encryption: BVGonline can only be operated with encryption (at least SSL 128). Browser settings: The use of cookies must be permitted for BVGonline (a security cookie is generated). The function "mailto" should also be available in the browser. Firewall: Only port 443 is permissible for BVGonline with "https" traffic.