The Swisscanto Collective Foundation was founded in 1973, and currently takes care of the occupational benefit schemes of more than 55,000 employees from 6,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as larger companies in Switzerland. The offer is aimed at firms that do not operate their own employee benefits foundation. As an independent LOB specialist, the Swisscanto Collective Foundation offers clear and transparent pension solutions. Transparency, fairness and sustainability are among the most important values of the foundation active throughout Switzerland.


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Comprehensive protection for old age, death and earning disability

Individually structured benefits


Online system (LOBonline) for simple control and administration




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Retirement pension or lump-sum withdrawal upon retirement

Disability pension starting from 40% earning disability

Survivors' benefits for spouses, life partners, registered partners and children

Consulting and support


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Key Figures

Funding ratio

The previous month's funding ratio is published on day 20 of the following month at the latest. The status  of 31.12.2019 has not yet been revised.


The status  of 31.12.2019 has not yet been revised.

Balance sheet total
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Legal Documents

*We would like to inform you that for 2020 we have completely revised the general regulation provisions for all foundations in order to simplify them and make them easier to read. The previous appendices to the General Regulation Provisions (Organization Rules and Rules on Partial or total liquidation of the pension fund) are now provided as separate documents. Furthermore, the numbered references in particular have changed, which means that the references in benefit plans issued before 1.1.2020 no longer correspond to the numbering in the general regulation provisions for 2020. In such cases, please refer to the subject sections.

Annual Reports

Board of Foundation

Employee Representatives

Claudia Breitenstein, Vice President | Rittal AG | Neuenhof

Christiane Ilg-Lutz | Schweiz. Berufsverband der Pflegefachfrauen und -männer SBK | Schwerzenbach

Beat Kempter| VCS Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz | Bern

Urs Meli | Belsoft Collaboration AG | Zürich

Jürg Stalder| Kinderheim Maiezyt | Wabern

Anita Wegmann-Gafner | Kabelfernsehen Bödeli AG | Unterseen


Employer Representatives

Oliver Gloor| bmpi | Zürich

Anthony M. Goldstein| Carlo Gavazzi Holding AG | Steinhausen

Pius Hotz | Schreinerei Hotz AG | Hünenberg

Stefan Kehrli | Kehrli Schreinerei AG | Meiringen

Rolf Knechtli, President | aprentas | Basel

Josef Nietlispach| Profilpress AG | Muri AG


Assessors as representatives of the Cantonal Banks

(pursuant to Art. 9, section 3 of the Foundation Statutes, without vote)


Hanspeter Hess| Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks | Basel

René Raths | Zurich Cantonalbank | Zürich


Assessors as representatives of Helvetia Insurances

(pursuant to Art. 9, section 3 of the Foundation Statutes, without vote)


Donald Desax| Helvetia Insurances | Basel

Beat Müller | Helvetia Insurances | Basel